Theta Heals is a database  that offers the searching individual a clear and comprehensible  way of directly accessing spontaneous healings through  the one true Heart of  Source Essence! This technique of healing is unique unto itself. This work is not like any other having been derived from a combination of modalities over the coarse of decades. Consciously accessing multiple  brain wave states simultaneously at will, such as Theta, Delta and Gamma {all are influential in utilizing the full capacity our consciousness.}

Everyone involuntarily enters theta during R.E.M sleep and gamma during unexpected moments of joy, but few have practiced enough meditation in order to actively open up the Heart Center to take back and reclaim the healing power of presence, especially when the mind is so overactive!  Opening the Heart Healing  is a meditation technique that enables anyone to enter the Supreme Heart Frequency!  While conscious and alert one may actively witness or experience what is necessarily the underlying issues behind parasites, diseases,  infestations,  alien implants, karmic bonds, the egoic predominance of paradigms that underlie belief systems, all types of abuse, the baby bump, psychic attacks, contractual agreements, DNA infestations, forced repetition of  {disharmonious} reincarnations and especially demiurgic corruption and possession. All types of healing are easily recognized, released and resolved by altering the root causes of disease  in the subconscious mind! This is extremely valuable in order to access the infinite possibilities for healing the mental, emotion, and physical reality of our lives.

Heart Healing techniques once achieved are the practice of a natural way of Life! This means returning within, going deep within the Center Heart of all that is. There is nothing outside of us, so we go within to awaken and cleanse ourselves from within! Where or how else can we co-create our reality? Bringing Conscious awareness into our “stuck” emotions {pain body}  that under lie our belief systems and behavior patterns are cleansed from our cellular memory in minutes.

This, Just like any other creative technique, is and becomes more effective with practice, patience and experience. The willingness to let “The Heart of the Universe” do the work is most profoundly felt and evident in our growth, development and positive results are achieved.

Universal Heart Healing as a spiritual path doesn’t interfere with any religious denomination, philosophy or background;  but enhances our faith. In accessing this wonderful meditation technique, we are freed to experience the untold possibilities of our limitless potential!


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